Friday, February 17, 2012

Latest Favorites: February 2012

February 2012
1. Incase iPhone cases - I swear by these. I had the orange one up there since... 2009? And as you can tell, it's not cracked, it didn't weather -- seriously the best case I've ever had. Last week, I got a new phone! And automatically I was sad that I had to get a new case. (I wish these things would eventually become universal, but we all know that will never happen.) So I turned to Incase again and got this wonder purple slider case which I know will withstand all my bashing.

2. Mint Green Eyeglass Holder from ArtAkimbo - This etsy shop has the coolest things. I especially love the Wall Tentacles, but unfortunately they're way out of my price range for a poor college student. But I need a glasses holder desperately, I might snag this lovely mint green one while it's still available!

3. Deconstructing Osama, a book by Joan Fontcuberta - Remember my deepest love for Joan Fontcuberta in his Inspiration Thursday post? Well, this Quran-looking book is his new book (it's been out for a while) that I cannot seem to get my hands on! My school's library has two copies: one which every librarian tells me is just "lost," and then other is still in storage for processing, and they won't let me look at it! Ugh, deeply frustrating! As I was continuously say, Fontcuberta remains to be one of my favorite photographers.

4. John Wayne Booties, from Ruche - I'm not one to buy heels often, just because I live in a city and it become impractical pretty quickly, but these booties were so cute I couldn't resist! (Not to mention I needed some retail therapy at the time.) Even though they have heels, they are super comfortable and go with a lot of stuff I tend to wear. Perfection.

5. Yann Tiersen - I have always been a fan of his music: from the Amelie soundtrack, to the Goodbye Lenin soundtrack, to originals, definitely in my top 5 of contemporary classical musicians. I've just been thriving off his sounds when I'm studying or reading (I can only listen to classical in this times, words and context distract me). Oh, and did I mention that his new album Skyline, will be released in the United States in April?

6. Arrested Development - Okay, I jumped unto this bandwagon way too late, but I needed a new comedy to watch after I finished How I Met Your Mother. And I gotta say, it blue me away. The relationships between all the actors is hysterical: I am certain that Lucille Bluth is my spirit animal, and now I am so STOKED that a new season and movie is coming out. All three seasons are for instant streaming on Netflix!

7. LUSH Handmade Cosmetics - For once, a company that tells me EXACTLY what is being put on my body. These things are super inexpensive and eco-friendly. Can I ask for more? I'm thinking of stocking up on some things from here soon! So many thing to choose from... I'm gonna have a difficult time.

What are some of your latest favorites?

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